Carolina Veterinary Surgical Service

A mobile surgical service that brings the specialist to the patient in the local veterinary setting.


How the Service Works:

Contact with CVSS is initiated by the family veterinarian who provides a description of the patient's diagnosis and condition.  Based on that information, Dr. Clary will discuss treatment options and associated prognoses with the veterinarian.  Additionally, Dr. Clary will provide an estimate of CVSS surgical fees covering the different options to the veterinarian, who in turn prepares a complete estimate for the pet owner which will include charges for services rendered by their practice e.g anesthesia, hospitalization, drugs, etc, in addition to the CVSS surgical fee.  The veterinarian then communicates this and other pertinent information to the pet owner to permit an informed decision.  Surgery may then be scheduled by the veterinarian's staff with CVSS for a time where the practice's operating facility and anesthetic equipment are available.  

Once surgery is scheduled, recommendations regarding pre-operative management are made to adequately prepare the patient for Dr. Clary's arrival.  Examples of such recommendations would include completion of appropriate bloodwork, application of transdermal fentanyl patch the day before surgery where appropriate, IV catheterization on the morning of surgery, etc. 

Dr. Clary will arrive at the pre-arranged time and first examine the patient and medical records to confirm the diagnosis and recommended treatment.  The patient is then anesthetized, clipped, and transported to the host-facility's operating room for surgery where patient care is managed by Dr. Clary and his assistants.  All necessary surgical equipment and supplies are provided by CVSS.  Once surgery is completed, care is then transferred back to the family veterinarian.  Immediate post-operative care recommendations are entered into the patient's record by Dr. Clary.  Longer-term post-operative care recommendations and an operative report are prepared and sent to the family veterinarian within 24 hours of surgery.  As the situation dictates, re-check visits to the host facility by Dr. Clary are scheduled by the family veterinarian.





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